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  • A lot of our younger years were spentWanting to be “old enough to........”and ‘X’ number of years was like a magic barrier to be reached or illicitly crossed!
  • We live among othersWe abide by the rules   We are limited by our circumstances   Personal Freedom to doand think and feel   as you yourself alone would like   Is very difficult to findand even more difficult to keep   So when you do find freedomto be truly who you are   Even in a single place or time   Treasure it!
  • The long hours spentThe commitmentThe sacrificesWhen you finally achievewhat you have striven forIt feels absolutely great
  • Get up and go If your life is in the shade Move to where the sun is shining If your life has lost it’s excitement Move to where Life sizzels! Do not wait for life to come to you Go and get it You are the architect of your own future
  • Life is a journey not a destination,Someone said     The darkest hour is just before dawn    & we have all been awake at dawn,sometime     But every tide does turn & there is light at the end of the tunnel  Why would someone bother to write all these clichés?     Remember you are not the first     You will not be the last    
  • New arrival Expecting is a wonderful timePreparing for the actual day is funWaiting for the day to arrive is excitingBut nothing at all in this world can prepare youFor feeling of sheer joy and boundless loveWhich arrives when .........your very own baby is born
  • Guardian AngelAs I walk the path of Life.........Meeting Sadness and Happiness bothWhen my spirits are low or full to bursting with JoyThere is someone there - who always listens, always watchesand keeps me safeSending Love and Good Luck whenever I need it most............I never walk alone 
  • Celtic Love Knot    When Love is new  it surpasses all that went before  When you are in love   it is the best place to be  when you have found   your one True Love  It is never-ending
  • I can not count how often I think of you No words can describe how I feel So I just want you to know - I am always Missing you.........

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